Space mission risks are often of international nature in the sense that an operator may pose risks to foreign overflown populations during launch and re-entry phases. There is currently, however, no international forum to facilitate exchanging experience on risk assessment methods and tools. To a certain extent, the obvious confidential nature of such matters has hampered a much desired open communication among international experts in the field.


1st International Workshop on Spacecraft Environmental Anomalies and Failures
16-17 October 2017 - Meteo-France Toulouse, France (by invitation only)   

The workshop is an initiative of the Space Hazards Committee of the IAASS, The growing globalization of space provides both opportunities and challenges. As space gets more competitive and congested with a wide variety of operators it is critical to promote a common awareness of the influence of space environmental effects on space systems and preventive actions. The workshop will explore possible strategies to respond to the challenge to rapidly identify, characterize, attribute, and resolve environmental disturbances to space systems. For such purpose, the workshop will also examine approaches and lessons learned from other domains. The workshop will also seek to reinforce relationships between communities that do not regularly interact (i.e., space environment experts, spacecraft designers and satellite operators). To request an invitation, please fill-in and submit the Registration Form


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