Journal of Space Safety Engineering

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Volume 2 No. 2 - December 2015

Orion: Safety-By-Design
Michael Hawes

Challenger - 30 Years On
Keith Wright

A 3 Point Action Agenda To Address Cosmic Hazards and Planetary Defense
Joseph N. Pelton

The Russian R-16 Nedelin Disaster: An Historical Analysis Of Failed Safety Management
David E. Gingerich, Jeffrey S. Forrest, Andrei A. Abiin, Taletha M. Maricle-Fitzpatrick

Design Of Sensor System To Detect Presence Of Anomalous Water In Air Lines In The Extravehicular Mobility Unit
Akshay Kothakonda

Hybrid Spacecraft
Vladimir Syromyatnikov

Re-Entry Sightings And Debris Recovery Of 2008-010B Spain - 2015 November 03 UTC
Ted Molczan

Norwegian Space Activities - Arctic Access To Space
Pål Brekke

Educational Videos On The Threat Of Cosmic Hazards For Schools, Museums And The General Public
Firooz Allahdadi

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