Journal of Space Safety Engineering

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Volume 3 No. 2 - September 2016

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Opening Remarks
Charles Bolden

Developing Complete Ultrasonic Management of Kidney Stones for Spaceflight
Julianna C. Simon, Barbrina Dunmire, Michael R. Bailey, Mathew D. Sorensen

Filling the Regulatory Void for Launch and Reentry Safety Resulting from the Commercialization of Space Operations
Ruth Stilwell

The Evolution of Continuing Education and Training for Safety and Mission Assurance Professionals
Megan K. Stroud, Tom Pfitzer

Regulation of Safety of Space Mining and its Implications for Space Safety
Ram S. Jakhu and Joseph N. Pelton

Debris Remediation Examined via an Operational Success Framework
Darren McKnight

Demise and Survivability Criteria for Spacecraft Design Optimization
Mirko Trisolini, Hugh G. Lewis, Camilla Colombo

Launch System Hazard Study: Methodology and Lessons Learnt After 5 Years of Application
D. Delorme, A. Biard

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