Journal of Space Safety Engineering

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Volume 3 No. 3 - December 2016

A New Space Safety Mandate for the World's Space Agencies
Joseph N. Pelton

Safety Characteristics in System Application Software for Human Rated Exploration Missions
Edward J. Mango

Fast and Flexible Space Debris Risk Assessment for Satellites
Max Gulde, Scott Kempf, Frank Schäfer 

Global Cosmic Risk Assessment Study (COSRAS) by the IAASS
Joseph N. Pelton

The Uncontrolled Reentry of Progress-M 27M
Carmen Pardini, Luciano Anselmo

Improved Range Safety Methodologies for Long-Duration Heavy-Lift Balloon Missions Over Populated Regions
George M. Lloyd, Kevin Benn, Jerry Haber, Danielle Franklin

Develop Global Safety Synergies for Long-range Human Space Exploration, with Focus on Launch Systems
Aline Decadi

Becoming John Glenn in the Words of John Glenn  

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