Journal of Space Safety Engineering

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Volume 1 No. 2 - December 2014

Mitigation Rules Compliance In Low Earth Orbit
Vincent Morand, Juan-Carlos Dolado-Perez, Thomas Philippe, David-Alexis Handschu

National Legislation Governing Commercial Space Activities
Paul Stephen Dempsey

Opto-Pyro Trains For Space Systems - Gains Provided By Opto-Pyro Technology In Terms Of Safety On Launchers
Bernard Chamayou

Safe May Not Be An Option, But Risk Mitigation Is
Michael Fodroci

Safety Regulations Will Protect Customer But Also Industry
Tommaso Sgobba

Satellite Inflatable Deorbiting Equipment For Leo Spacecrafts
Benjamin Rasse, Patrice Damilano, Christian Dupuy

What Can Jaxa Do To Reduce Human Errors For Safety & Mission Success
Shimpei Takahashi

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