Journal of Space Safety Engineering

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Volume 2 No. 1 - June 2015

A Common Language And The International Space Medicine Summit 2015
George WS Abbey

Potential Abuses To The ITU Radio Regulations: The Licensing Of Small Satellites
Dimitris Stratigentas

Sensitivity Analysis Of The Long Term Evolution Of The Space Debris Population In LEO
J.C. Dolado-Perez, Bruno Revelin, Romain Di-Costanzo

Proposal For Organizing The Industrial Cooperation On Commercial Space Safety and Technical Standards
Tommaso Sgobba

An Approach Towards Global Standardization Of The Risk Matrix
Peeters W, Peng Z

ISSpresso Development And Operations
Valerio Di Tana, Joshua Hall

Use Of Deionized Water In Ground Processing Of Flight Hardware - A Piece Of The Flight Safety Risk
Jonathan Hall, Chau Pham

A Novel Method For Prediction And Warning For Uncontrolled Re-entry Object Impact
Michael S. Surratt, Michael T. Kezirian, Tommaso Sgobba

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