The Board, which may comprise up to 30 physical persons elected by the General Assembly, chooses the President of the Association. The Board endeavours, by means of criteria proposed and approved by the General Assembly, to ensure that the nationality of the Board members adequately reflects the nationality of the members of the Association. The Board includes also Regional Representatives which are elected by the regional members of IAASS.

Board Members

Isabelle Rongier President
Tommaso Sgobba Secretary
Gonnie Elfering Treasurer
Florian Bittner Membership Committee
Joseph Pelton Academic Committee
Paul Wilde Awards Committee
Paul Kirkpatrick Professional Training Committee
Dieter Isakeit Information & Communication Committee
Carmen Felix Young Professionals Committee
Arndt Menzel Technical Director  + Representative Europe
Andy Quinn Commercial Human Spaceflight Committee
Tom Pfitzer Launch & Reentry Safety Committee
Robert Kelley Space Hazards Committee
Barbara Kanki Human Factors & Performance for Safety Committee
Ram Jakhu Legal & Regulatory Committee
Victor Chang Representative North America
Carlos Moura Representative South America
Carmen Felix Representative Central America
Shaun Wilson Representative Australia
Liming Ren Representative China
Sanat Kaul Representative India
Nobuo Takeuchi Representative Japan
Norul Ridzuan Representative Malaysia
Mikhail Azeev Representative Russia
Tsutomu Fukatsu Complaints & Appeals Committee (& alt. JP)
George Gafka At large
Hideo Hasegawa At large
Bruno Lazare At large & Liaison with United Nations COPUOS

The 6th IAASS Board Meeting, 20 May 2013, Hilton Garden Inn, Montreal (Canada)