Kyoichi Kuriki

Kyoichi Kuriki was born in Tokyo in 1935. He received Doctor of Engineering from University of Tokyo in 1962. Thereafter he had engaged in electric propulsion (EP) and manned systems as the professor of Institute of Space and Astronautical Science ( ISAS ) until retirement in 1999.

During 36 years spent in ISAS, he was co-investigator of SEPAC (Space Experiment with Particle Accelerators), Spacelab 1 responsible for MPD plasma accelerator, which was successfully operated aboard Space Shuttle STS-9 in 1983. Afterwards he was assigned to the project manager of SFU (Space Flyer Unit), which was launched by H-II rocket in 1995 and retrieved by the Space Shuttle STS-72 in 1996. Also in 1994 he was granted the patent of microwave ion engine lately applied to the asteroid sample return mission Hayabusa. After retiring from ISAS, he has been a visiting professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Since 2000 he had supervised space programs of Japan as a member of Space Activities Committee for three years. Meanwhile he reviewed the project of H-IIA resumed from H-II and chairing Space Safety Committee, Kibo and HTV. He is Member IAA, Honorable Member IAASS and Fellow AIAA. He received Medal of Electric Rocket Propulsion Society (ERPS) in 2005 and IAASS Vladimir Syromiatnikov Award in 2010.

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